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Addiction to drugs cuts across people from all walks of life.
The professional group of AMS Delaware, LLC is here to raise awareness and provide understanding from Addiction. We are an integrated healthcare provider with accessibility to individuals and families whose lives have been impacted by drug addiction. AMS of Delaware continues to cultivate a team of competent, compassionate personnel who are dedicated to individualized care and committed to continuously improving services. We use ongoing research and development to maintain an environment open to learning and to provide education to the community.

                                            AMS is a Proud Annual Sponsor of 2016 DE Pride Festival                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         



For most who begin recreational use of drugs, including heroin and prescription pain relievers, physiological dependence often comes as a surprise. Most begin to experience mild discomfort after the drugs begin to "wear off"… [read more]

Our Treatment Plans

We offers a flexible, multi-level Outpatient Program for patients who are seeking effective treatment for addictions. Our state licensed Outpatient Program is designed for patients who do not require – or who have completed ... [ read more ].

Getting Help

The hardest part of solving any problem is taking the first step. That is why we are always happy to discuss your problem confidentially and anonymously until you are able to take that step. Appointments are available for face-to-face meetings or ... [ read more ]